Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Name Challenge (again)

I have another little name challenge. I am creating a new set of variegated rayon threads and struggling with the name of the 4th set and the name for the the whole collection. The three I have all ready to roll are Indian Splendour, Carnivale (replaces our original Carnivale which has run out but this one has an extra shade) and Arabian Nights. The new colour is purples and greens ('cos I want to use it) but I can't come up with a name yet. Plus I can't decide on a name for the whole Collection. If any of you dear readers have suggestions which I like, I will send you a set of the 4 variegateds when they are all ready. I should have had them ready weeks ago but you know how it is.....

If I can get them off in a day or two the whole collection will be ready in January.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

how about one of these:
Royal vineyard

Victorian splendor

Egyptian splendor

Vineyard splendor

Or replace the word splendor with brilliance. Hope these help!

Anonymous said...

Well, the first thought that came to mind is that purple and green (and white) are the colours historically associated with the sufragettes/International Women's Day: White for purity, purple for dignirt, and green for hope. I know there's no white in your new mix, but hey - Sufragette City works for me! *wanders off, having given herself an awful David Bowie earworm that will probably take something even more vile to remove!*

Anonymous said...

And the mystery word in my previous post was DIGNITY - sheesh! My internal spell checker is obviously on the blink tonight!

Brenda said...

For the purples and greens:

Peacock Passion

Unknown said...

How about something simple like Royal Iris for your purple and green thread (the colour purple was used by royalty in history and Iris's are purple and green. THe range could be called Luscious.

I do love your blog and your website and can't wait for the threads to be added to your current fantastic range. - I use them all!!

Anonymous said...

Are the purples and greens deep colours, like emeralds and amethysts?
How about
Bejeweled or Hidden jewels.
All of the names indicate (to me anyway) rich colours and mixes that you would find in wonderful bazaars and street stalls in old exotic places, (really doing some major day dreaming here!) hence for the group,
Exotics, Exotic bazaar or Eastern Bazaar.

Liz Plummer said...

Well, I can't beat any of these wonderful suggestions, because I can't get beyond the fact that my old school uniform was purple and green due to the school being called Thistley Hough (ie. thistle field...)... or how about Mull of Kintyre.... (the Scottish connection...):)

The whole thing... global fantasy...
My brain hurts...

Sheeprustler said...

Purples and greens make me think of a number of things, such as:

Bird of Paradise
Frog Magic

As for the overall collection, how about Opulence?

Hilary Metcalf said...

All very exotic names conjuring up far away places - what about something closer to home - purple and green? well, passionfruit, of course! Add white and you get a pavlova topped with passionfruit, and no Dale, I am not about to engage in the debate on who invented pavlova, the Kiwis or the Aussies!!

As for the whole collection, how about Exotic Inspirations


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