Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This is case you thought I had forgotten all about Wales. Not true - I only managed to take 7 pics with my digital before it conked out. These were at St David's Cathedral - what a wonderful place - the cathedral was built below ground level in the hope that the dastardly Vikings wouldn't be able to see them from the sea. Failed miserably I believe. The Bishop's Palace was really special and I have seen some wonderful photos taken in different lights. I am planning to do something with all of this so will be storing them for a wee while. Enjoy the pics and if you go to Pembrokeshire, be sure to visit St David's.

I had to peer over the fence to take this one

The rose window in the cathedral. One of the lovely things was that a Slovakian children's choir were rehearsing for a concert that night so we were able to enjoy their singing. The acoustics were superb.

Looks ominous but there was restoration work in the cloisters in action.

I love this one - sort of Tintern Abbey feeling

Not to mention this wonderful old door - to where?

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