Sunday, November 12, 2006

embellisher and rugby

I have been working at more ideas on the embellisher and will post later but this was another weekend of rugby. Stayed up late to watch Australia play Italy but it was a dreadful game and Australia just did not play well. This morning we had a news blackout until Ian went to Jaslyn's for the tape of the ABs game (Grant phoned for the score but it was hush hush here) What a wonderful game. I don't relax until there is a good buffer but I reckon 47-3 is indeed a good buffer. This is Sivivatu scoring again. We will be in Melbourne for the game in Paris so I am not sure how we can keep our ears and eyes shut until we get home......

The weather is swinging from rain to sunshine but really it can rain all it likes. Certainly not cold. Bruce and Kazuko moved into Grant's house yesterday - noone has ever seen inside it before - not even Grant. He will be over on Tuesday and this Tuesday our no 1 baby was 36 (everyone knows I was a child bride)

On Friday we went to Martene and Luigi's daughter, Sylvia, 's wedding - lovely afternoon even though it rained during the ceremony and we all had to race indoors. Sylvia looked wonderful and we hope she and Shane are happy for ever.

Still sorting out in the studio - trying to get things away properly and take up the last lot of stuff so we can begin work on the inside room - our new office and storeroom (should mean no boxes of stuff in the kitchen and our bedroom)

Back later with my latest experiments on the embellisher - I am trying to work out some 3D ideas.

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Ali Honey said...

The ABs were brilliant!


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