Monday, November 06, 2006

Rugby et al

Great weekend for rugby even if we did have to watch it very late at night. On Saturday Wales and Australia drew - it was an exciting game. We watched at the Northbridge Hotel where we also had to listen to very loud music in one ear and very loud tv commentary in the other. On Sunday night we went to the Athena Club in Floreat to watch the ABs beat England 41-20. At 11.30pm so of course we slept in this morning and of course someone phoned early with an order especially since we don't have daylight saving in the west - something to do with the cows, the curtains and the extra light...... I think my personal opinion on this is clear. Ian thinks we should be like India where there is just one time zone and they seem to cope. Nobody is ever prepared to acknowledge how frustrating for business this is. Anyway the rugby was great and so was the venue. Places you go to which you didn't know about. Here is a pic of Joe - he had a great game. Not sure about Dan Carter's Harry Potter style hair do though.

Studio and surrounds getting better and better - cleared all the spare wood etc and moved a few plants around - it is actually a good way to do it - you get a better feel. Windows looking so much better. In the Sunday Times in the home supplement there was a pic of the studio since Paul won that section. Most exciting.

I managed to work away on my embellisher - this forthcoming book will be pretty well devoted to it - I keep exploring new things. Yesterday pleats and velvet and trapping cords. Tempting?

Very hot in Perth these past days - 32 for today


Penny said...

It would be very tempting to have an embellisher Dale if one had the money. Surrounded in Welsh judges and pony pedigrees, we did very well, but exhaustion is setting in. Got the book today, looks good.Oh and the threads and the extra thread, sisnt need to do that.

Anonymous said...

with regard to Ian's comment about India, Dale, I seem to remember there was some odd 20min time change somewhere?! That was challenging!

Embellisher very tempting indeed. Christmas is coming and hints may just have to be dropped.

(BTW, having probs leaving comments here - doesn't seem to like my blogger sign in, so recently I've given up. Today I decided to be determined and chose "other" identity....I wonder if it's to do with Blogger Beta?)

Jenny Bear said...

mnew book, sounds great. Why have I promised my Bernina with the attachment to another? Gives me the chance to try the Janome machine.

32 already? One of my emb pals is visiting Perth in Jan. and she i a cool weather person. Oh dear.

hugs from Durham where it is stil warm in November


Digitalgran said...

I'm sure you must have been thrilled that your studio design had such success. Congrats to your Architect.
I have an embellisher on my wish list too.


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