Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back from Melbourne

Just back from Melbourne. Of course it was very cold in Melbourne when we left here and I took warm clothes and roasted away. It was a very busy weekend in Melbourne with 2 U2 concerts on and the G20 thing. We stayed in Flinders Street and the adjacent area was all blocked off and we found it hard to get in and out. The Trade Show was good (we had no idea beforehand of what it would be like) and it was a very pleasant walk to and fro each day.

The bonus was that the hotel has Fox 2 so we were up at 6am (one hour too early it turned out), to watch the ABs in Paris. Excellent result though nothing like last weekend. Nonu got a try which was very good. Here he is.

Ian slept all the way back but I managed to work on the book so feeling a tiny bit sanctimonious. Will be busy tomorrow

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