Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Embellisher Workshop

I think the workshop went well - I certainly enjoyed seeing how things went. Linda and Joan have Pierrots and even though I had one for a while I hardly used it. The Pierrot has one big hole and 5 needles - no lever nor the little windy thing on the top for lowering the needles and we thought fibres might get caught dwn the hole but it performed just as well as the Babylock. We had fun playing with lots of techniques - the above piece I made today and detail is at the bottom. All sorts of stuff trapped between two layers of netting. Makes a great fabric. I may turn it into a tiny bag. Make sure you keep all your thread bits just like you used to when you first started free machining,

I got quite enthused and today wanted to experiment with natural fibres - different scrims, silk rods, mulberry bark, thick rayn floss, silk velvet (yummy) - messy looking sample but I am pleased with the experiment.

Ask who broke a needle in class - and whose kunin felt and panne velvet wouldn't burn with the heat gun...... I broke the needle working on burnt panne velvet - I won't bother again nor with tyvek - can't see the point. There are too many other excitements.....

Last night some friends we haven't seen for ages, came to visit. Graeme and Delys who used to have Millhill books - they are over for a holiday. We had a nice meal out at the Brisbane but beforehand, Paul came around with the photographer for another round of photos - the last ones were no good apparently. The entry for the national finals had to be in today. Hopefully he will send us some and we can pop them up on the web. Took enough.

I decided to take my 'puter up to the studio this afternoon and watched the Jan Beaney dvd off and on. Jan talks mostly about how she works on water soluble creating her cloth. I was interested to see that she used a hoop. I hate using hoops for free machining. She also talked a lot about her yummy sketchboks.


Helen from Canberra said...

Glad the workshop went well. I can see that I am not using my embellisher to anywhere near its full advantage however I did use it today to make one of my samples for module 3 and was quite happy with the result.

Cheers Helen

Penny said...

Embellisher stuff looks great, now what do I do? see how the Janome one goes for you? Cant afford to spend a heap of money at the moment. Bit tired and dispirited.

Linda Stokes said...

You'll be glad to know I've been embellishing madly since the w/s!
Enjoyed it very much.
Cheers, Linda


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