Saturday, September 04, 2010

a wee bit of fame

Do go visit Romance Bandits

Barbara Monajem has written a book titled 'Tastes of Love and Evil" and she tells me she was inspired by my garments which  were in Quilting Arts #9. I am so flattered and even more so to be mentioned along with Elizabeth 1. I adore the Elizabethan period and have immersed myself in the history and music and literature of that period for a long time - and been inspired by the costumes in my work so I am incredibly honoured that I could inspire someone. Thanks Barbara and I will just have to get hold of your book.

This was the first art to wear garment I made - loads of silk paper making and twin needling and working on Romeo. These days she lives in the elements guarding my studio.

We woke this morning to the news of the earthquake in Christchurch. So lucky that noone has been killed. We only flew out on Wednesday. We have been waiting for many years for a big earthquake but always thought it would be in Wellington not Christchurch. You just never know.


Heather said...

So glad you missed the earthquake and that no-one was killed. Hope there wasn't too much damage. I have just fished out my copy of QA No.9 and forgotten what a super issue it is. Your garments are just magical and I shall settle down after supper to reread that issue again.

Sandy said...

It's still a lovely garment. I'm glad you left before the earthquake.

Viv Estill said...

We were upset to hear of the earthquake but glad you and Ian left in time. That's a great story about the book Dale - wonderful to have inspired someone! Looks like an interesting read too.... I've just retrieved my copy of QA too and will study your article in great detail.
Well done!

Judy said...


Impectible timing passing through Christchurch. Congratulations on recognition for your Art to Wear gaments it really delicious.

Digitalgran said...

That is a lovely garment Dale. Enjoy your 2nd visit to NZ in such a short time:)


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