Sunday, September 26, 2010

a wedding

Yesterday we went to Cara and Vernon's wedding - a lovely day in all ways. Found a new pair of red shoes waiting to be worn and they lasted all afternoon and night which is a good sign especially when it looked like we might have to walk home after the reception.
Here is the swizzy side of them - I am still trying to work out what blogger is actually doing to my pics. Very comfy they are.

Here is Ian all scrubbed up waiting for the taxi to go to the reception.

The lovely Cara and Vernon - a bit dark I know but not bad taken indoors with an i-phone. We have known Cara since she was born in Tokoroa.

and here is her proud Ma who kept telling me she had made the wedding cake but I know better.


Doreen G said...

Don't tell me Ian didn't wear his beanie.

Heather said...

What joy - comfy as well as glamourous shoes. Ian looks very smart but we couldn't see you! That cake looks gorgeous whoever made it and the happy couple make a very attractive pair. Was the wedding on the 25th? It's a good day to wed - it's our anniversary and we were married 56 years ago.

Judy said...


Weddings are lovely aren't they, love your shoes.


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