Tuesday, September 28, 2010

our fabulous new Versa tools

Such excitement - a phone call to say the tools would be delivered between 12 and 1 and so they were - had to get mine out first to test - imagine if they didn't work?? Anyway - it is fabulous and I feel rather done in for the past so many years. Here is mine on the kitchen bench on its stand - it heats up so fast and is so quick to slice through kunin felt. It has lots of tips but this is the fine one for the stuff I love to do. I shall explore another tip or two tomorrow - it has one for stencils, for cuttting, embossing and more.

I stitched a few rows on some black kunin felt - and lay it on an old cake tin - I usually use my marble worktop or a sheet of glass but I was in the kitchen and Ian was not keen that I might crack the tiles..... as if I would.
Then I ran the tip down the side of the stitch and into the holes just like slicing through butter - for anyone who hasn't tried this - I am using rayon thread - never use polyester or it will disappear and you will be cross.

I made a few slits on a piece of kunin felt and threaded one of the stitched rows through it - bit blurry sorry.
We sent out loads today and have more to send tomorrow  - I am afraid we spend time admiring it and time slipped by. Plus we had quite a few other big parcels arrive as well and with my new tidy kitchen regime I cleared everything up pretty fast. All the rest will go out tomorrow. BUT - I did send out most of the Product of the Month's - a little early but I am trying to be organised before we go away and there is always plenty to do. Newsletter to write for instance, a couple of pockets to sew and some flowers to work on.

This is last hight's bbq - pink snapper, red pepper salad, and a rocket and avocado salad and champagne to celebrate something for sure. Tonight we are off to Borolo up the road in celebration of this wonderful shipment of stuff. The Walnut Hollow people are to be congratulated for producing such a fabulous tool and I am only sorry we didn't do it earlier.


Heather said...

That's a great gadget Dale - I have something similar but not as many tips. Love the samples you made with it - you've given me some ideas. Your BBQ supper looks delicious.

Leanne said...

Tempted....looks and sounds a million times more convenient than the woodburning tool or a soldering it?


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