Monday, September 13, 2010

The things that bring tears to your eyes and feed your soul

That was deep and meaningful wasn't it and the outcome will make you laugh. and people did. childhood memories and more - asparagus rolls and club sandwiches sadly missed in Australia. Of course you can make them at home but it isn't quite the same. Wet teatowels over the plate but that was before glad wrap - in this case copius glad wrap.

I have really enjoyed my time at the show - catching up with old friends and meeting new ones - some people I haven't seen for ages.... And yes I would love to come and run a workshop - lots of people asked and I know a couple of groups are getting back to me so email me any time. Any  excuse and as you could all see - I play with lots of different exciting media - I don't think I have stitched so many flower stitcher stitches in such a short time. Also it was good to educate so many New Zealanders on where Okarito is.

Because I was on my own, I didn't get very far at the show (had to buy my sandwiches etc before I started) but I did breeze into the quilts and the Creative  Fibre exhibition- there was some great work there -being such a bad photographer I only took a couple and I have no idea whose they are sorry but I did buy the dvd so I will know then.
This fabulous fish (trout?) was possibly felted plus and the detail was wonderful. Really appealed.

you need to turn your head on an angle - I swear it was okay when I photographed it - I love the colours .

This morning I am off to check out Leanne's work at the exhibition here and do some scrounging at Dave's Emporium and then back to Auckland and home again. Cantina tonight, Ian?


RooneyB said...

lovely to catch up you Dale. Give my regards to Ian.
Cheers Rooney @ Rotorua

Heather said...

Glad wrap? Hate wrap is more like it! It usually does it's own thing in my hands and I end up with plastic string. The two images from the show are stunning. Safe journey home.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

That trout looks almost edible and I am drooling over those asparagas rolls. Glad you had a great time.


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