Wednesday, September 08, 2010

safely in Hamilton

I arrived in Auckland yesterday morning - it was pouring cats and dogs  - I did a bit of exploring and found a few interesting things and then I drove to Hamilton - off and on rain all the way - I shall try to put some in my suitcase to take home. Today I set up at the show and borrowed a sewing machine and then discovered that someone in Perth at the show must have 'borrowed' my Bernina low shank so can't use my flower stitcher yet but one is being couriered up tonight. In the meantime I have been making bowls using silk cocoons and microwave in my unit. Very successful so there will still be plenty to do tomorrow. Caught up with a few friends but forgot the camera - shall take some pics tomorrow


Heather said...

Hope the show goes well for you. Those bowls sound lovely - hope you take some pics of them.

RooneyB said...

Hi dale
Hope to catch up with you in Hamilton today
Cheers Rooney @ Rotorua

Ali Honey said...

Hi Dale,
I don't know that I am going to get over to Hamilton. Some of the ladies from my group are going over by bus today and some are going Friday. We have our usual P and Q group meeting tomorrow which I take so that only leaves the weekend.( still might make it )
I do so want to see the quilt display, but all our rushing up and down the North Island in the last few weeks has taken a toll. Never mind.
I was wanting to catch up with you in person, but maybe there will be another time. Enjoy the rain and your stay.


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