Monday, September 06, 2010

Leaving Ian in charge

Yes - I am off to New Zealand again tonight - for the Craft show in Hamilton so if you are going to it do come and see the Textile Tantrums and me playing away. Not that I have packed anything as yet - we discovered the plane schedule has changed and it leaves later - just as well for me. Ian is in charge and will probably have a good week if he has time.

Jacinta - link on left in links - has a super tutorial on embossing velvet - she says it all so  much better than I do. I think the big round Illuminations stamp is one of her favourites.

When we were in Okarito Ian walked up to the trig station and took some great shots - this is looking back down - you can't see me - I was indoors making felt.
This is Donovan's Store - the oldest wooden building on the West Coast I do believe. It is now used for performances I think.

Meant to say that the other night we went to Clarkes in North Beach with Val and Jim. highly recommend - a fabulous restaurant. And b.y.o which helps. Great food, great ambience, great staff even though it was out somewhere where our car doesn't go often. We got a bit lost getting there but made it back safely.

If I can mange it, I shall try to blog while I am away - I wll be back next Monday. Keep Ian busy while I am gone


Heather said...

Hope Ian is good while you are away and doesn't have too many rave-ups! His holiday shots are excellent - that bay looks divine and I love the old store. Have a good time and stay safe. Our thoughts here in the UK are with the people of Christchurch.

Judy said...


Happy journey.

Judy said...


Thanks for hint on Jacinta's blog, for somec reason I had missed the point on polymer stamps, I thought any stamp would do. I'll have to save up for some Polymer stamps; as I said have a good trip.


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