Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i-phone flowers

Well you may ask what these are. These are what your husband brings you when your i-phone dies and has to go to terminal hospital and you sulk. Geraldton wax at the bottom, red roses and silver dollar eucalyptus. Very lovely. And yes my i-phone has now become a brand new i-phone except that I have lost 300 photos and now have 5000 people in my contacts - last time I manually deleted but I forgot to push whatever button I needed to push to prevent it happening again. Other than that I am happy again but with lovely flowers.

I am nearly done with the packing for Ally Pally although it will take me two more days because I have cutting and rolling and packaging and stuff to go for the last boxes. Here are the silk stacks I have stacked together - they look beautiful all together. Just need to tie the labels on.

Here is my Okarito book - just a couple more pages to make and then I shall bind it all together. The velvet is looking lovely and wrinkly - I am pleased with the progress - it will soon be finished..The trouble with this new phone is that it takes the pics okay but by the time they arrive at my computer they have turned on their side.

I have been in thought and discussion for 2011 challenge and will start putting it together before I write the newsletter. if you want to know more just sign up for our newsletter. It is going to be exciting I think, with lots of possible variations. This year's challenge - Textile Tantrums, is going to be featured in NZ Threads and in Down Under Textiles. Deborah tells me DUT#3 is at the printers and I know she must be working on #4 because that is where the Tantrums will be and where I will have an article which I have yet to write.....

Back to work - time to write all the labels for the stacks.


Aussie Jo said...

Love the book, especially the kiwi birds!

Unknown said...

I would just love to cuddle up with your book! It looks so warm and soft!


Heather said...

Beautiful flowers - glad they cheered you up - how frustrating to lose all those photos, etc. Love the silk stacks - gorgeous colours. Your Okarito book just asks to be touched. Sounds as if you are frantically busy as usual, but no doubt you are on schedule with it all.

Penny said...

Hard to believe we were almost on our way last year, I loved Ally Pally. OH well plenty to do here.
Look foreward to whatever you throw us for next year.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

I feel for you losing your iPhone and all those contacts, but I do love the colours in your Okarito Book, the crinkly velvet not half bad either. Great flower = caring hubby!


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