Sunday, September 05, 2010

a beautiful Sunday in Perth

Glorious day today - we have mostly been working and finally got the newsletter out. But first - welcome to September - note to self - try harder next month.

I have been playing with a new discharge gel I received just before we went to NZ - only just found time. I don't usually play with discharge paste and bleaches these days because I don't like the fumes and stuff but this one is non-toxic and has a citron smell. I have a piece of fabric - I think it came from Kiwi Quilts but I couldn't swear to that - anyway I stamped with the gel and when it was dry, simply ironed it. The bottom one - I sprayed some Glitz Spritz in Silhouette Silver over the top - the mica sure sparkles.

Next ones are playing on Tissutex which had been dyed black. I was spraying it through a stencil but ended up a bit heavy handed - the top is the stencil - the bottom the negative. Then to hurry it up I zapped it with my heat gun and managed to start a fire - there is a juicy hole up towards the top. Silly me - I put it out with the bottom of a plastic paint jar! (Just as well the health and safety person wasn't on site) But I rather like the effect. I had previously fed that piece of Tissutex through an embossing folder so you may be able to see some of the texture.

This one is the same black Tissutex but it has rusting powder applied when I was experimenting so here I used the gel through a stencil.

Again, I was experimenting on a piece of Tissutex previously sprayed with Moonshadow Mists and Starburst Sprays and at some stage foils as well. Good effect and I shall be playing further before too long. The gel comes in a jar or a spray bottle - they will be on the web before too long - Ian has a little backlog at present.

Some more photos from the West Coast  - this is Lake Mapourika at a perfect time of the evening. Mapourika was the daughter of Karito after whom Okarito must be named.
and a couple more. This lake is on the way to Franz Joseph from Okarito - there are quite a number of lakes along the coast highway.

Late last night we went to Grant's and watched the Wallabies/Springbox game. nothing like leaving the excitement to the last dying seconds of the game.


Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

Whatever that discharge stuff is- I want some!

Sandy said...

It would be nice to have a safe discharge product. I react to chemicals. I like the effects you got.

Judy said...


Fascinating experiments; like the sound of the discharge gel, I have avoided such products due to fumes, nice there is an alternative. Lovely Lake Mapourika, hope one day I get get to NZ.


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