Thursday, September 16, 2010

just where does the time go?

I arrived back on Monday and suddenly it is Thursday night - amazing. On Monday I decided to drive back to Auckland through the Waikato - it took me ages to actually get out of Hamilton and 5 people with bad advice before I got the right road. Amazing. I drove up through Morrinsville - as you can see it is nice and green. I tried hard to bring some rain back with me but all to no avail. They have had a lot of rain and we have had little.
these are the cows - laid back, healthy and stress free - all that green grass.
Lots of beautiful magnolia tulip trees around - my mother used to have one in her garden and I love them. Haven't seen any in Perth. I had a good flight back apart from the charming child who kicked the back of my chair for 5 out of the 7 hours. Fortunately we ended up at Cantina which made up for it - so a lovely meal before I went and a lovely meal when I returned. Not sure about what I ate in between apart from the asparagus rolls and club sandwiches. Ian's not sure what he ate either while I was away....

Since I got back time seems to have flown by - the boxes for London have to go next Friday so that will keep me out of mischief and I have lots of ideas to follow through as soon as I get a moment. on Tuesday night we went to a Musica Viva concert - Trinity College choir and they were magnificent.


Heather said...

Wonderful photos Dale - those cows look so English. Our neighbour has a lovely magnolia close by our front wall, so we don't need one! Don't work too hard.

Linda Stokes said...

Quite a few Magnolias here in Roleystone - I love them too. Fist time I went to UK they were in flower everywhere - gorgeous!

Judy said...

Hi! DAle,

What a beautiful place New Zealand is, I can see why you take the cahnces to go back. Not unlike Tasmania in parts.


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