Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday morning eye candy

Amazingly, the kitchen is still almost pristine and staying that way. Just the pile of stuff on top of the microwave and we won't know ourselves. In fact when I got up this morning, the kitchen looked too wide a space. Shows how long that big container has been there. I found all sorts of interesting things in it now happily dispersed into new places. You are correct, Jacinta, about Royal Shiraz being so lovely - the slushies look like you could smother yourself in the colours. This colour theme was inspired by our trip under the river in Shanghai - all flashing lights and totally mesmerising. I just had to create thread with these colours.

Some of the many flimsies I cut and rolled this morning - I am still trying to work out what is happening with my pics from i-phone to computer - I have been photographing them with the camera upside down so they arrive at the computer somewhat the way I think they should but then when I load them onto blogger they change again. Fascinating to say the least.

Jacinta has gone to Queensland for a well-earned holiday after a week of dyeing like crazy for us and for Rae - if you are going to Geelong Forum, do go and see Rae and what lovely stuff she will have and of course if you are coming to Ally Pally in almost 2 weeks time, do come and see what lovely stuff we will have. About to book an apartment for our week's holiday after London. Wonder where we are going this year?


Robin Mac said...

Oh those colours are simply gorgeous, Jacinta does a fabulous job with dyeing. You will really need your week's holiday after Ally Pally. Cheers, Robin

Heather said...

Wish my kitchen was pristine! And I don't have a cast iron excuse for it being otherwise. Those colours are just amazing and people will go mad for them. I don't think fascinating is quite the right word for the liberties our technology takes with the things we try to do!!


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