Friday, September 10, 2010

busy in Hamilton

I am having a busy little time in Hamilton and really enjoying catching up with so many friends and meeting new ones. This is all rather stressful for me as it is the first time I have loaded pictures from the camera to the eepc- I can tick that achievement off! The stand looks good and people are really loving the Textile Tantrums - this is a tiny part of my display. I have been playing away quite happily with a variety of things but keep having to pop on the sewing machine and show people the flower stitch foot which is always fascinating to see what it can actually do.

Here is the first little bowl I made with the cocoon strippings in the microwave - good little first one and here is the second one I made this morning when the kettle wouldn't boil so I couldn't have my lemon and ginger tea.

I can lots more of these appearing. The highlight of my day at the show has been the asparagus rolls and club sandwiches on sale at the cafe  - only takes simple pleasures. Now - after a busy day stitching, playing and a long walk I am settling down with a bowl of soup and a front seat in front of the rugby....

1 comment:

Heather said...

It sounds as if you are having a great time Dale. I love the Stonehaven display and your bowls are great too. Asparagus rolls and club sandwiches - yum!


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