Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday eye candy

 Here is the White Heron we saw in Okarito - they must have just started arriving as the season starts a little later so this was a bonus on our walk one beautiful day

 Then the wonderful rough beach - I expect it has been very rough lately with  he mega storms.

Actually our kitchen is pretty eye candy today. I managed to finish the Ally Pally boxes a day early and Ian got them off to the carriers yesterday and they are probably almost in UK right now and off to Brighton for a little holiday before they go to London. So I have used today to clean up the large container in the kitchen where I have been heaping stuff for ages and ages. Amazing what I found. Lots of bunny yarn which Jacinta dyes and sends my way - now it is all wound. $3 a hank. I am having trouble with my i-phone pics - I send them to the computer - they arrive on their side - I turn them round and copy them etc but today blogger turned them back again. Too hard - you will have to put your head on an angle....

 Then I finally cut all the hand dyed silk gauze whihc Rae has been sending me and I have been stuffing into the big container. Veyr impressive. I also cut up loads of hand dyed tissue silk but it's not quite done yet. And I packaged all the silk, slushies and wool which Jacinta has sent this week. Flimsies are outside drying but they are tomorrow morning's little task. Ian is most impressed and has been rushing around with the vacuum cleaner. Still more to do over the weekend but by Monday the kitchen will be totally uncluttered with business stuff - might be the first time for a long long time. Let's keep it that way.

This is the Cape Flame - on its side - in our garden. We have 4 of them and they are rather beautiful. Australia makes up for its vastness with very strong colours. Our beautiful kangaroo paws are not well and will all have to be replanted but this will be when we are back so we can water them.

Last night was glorious - it's that time of the year - and we had a bbq in our garden and will do the same tonight - different food. This weekend will be clean up garden and off to Cara and Vernon's wedding. A full on weekend which will include cleaning up the studio as well and getting  creative.

The Creative Versa tool is in Peth and has been all week - Customs must be checking each one - we will have them next week - lots of people are waiting for it - obviously a special price and a special extra treat for our customers.


Heather said...

Gorgeous photos Dale. The yarns and gauzes are so beautiful and that flower looks very exotic. It's so irritating having to wait for stuff to be cleared by Customs. I remember ordering alcohol inks for the first time and being told by the supplier that they were stuck on a wharf somewhere waiting for clearance. Enjoy your lovely days - we are making the most of ours, knowing that there wont be many more till next year.

Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

I'm so glad someone else clutters their kitchen with my work as well as
me. I love Royal Shiraz the most of your colours though, makes my kitchen look lovely.

Linda said...

Lovely fabrics and fibres, very inviting......... My things seem to take over the whole house at the moment, threads everywhere. That flower is just gorgeous. Hadn't seen that one. Australia does boast some striking flora, most of which grows better in the West!!


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