Friday, May 14, 2010

When it rains it really does pour

You remember the drama we had with our electricity when we had the huge storm? Well we only thought it had been fixed (large sum of money later). When it rained like crazy yesterday morning early and I sent Ian out to bring in the boxes from the front verandah he thought the rain was hissing. It was but in conjunction with the power box. That's why my studio had no power. Three sparkies later we have a new power box, new set up, a whole day without power and empty pockets (well we will when the bill arrives) but it is really good that it has been sorted. Would have hated the house to burn down while we were away. We have these safety switches and the board looks like we have finally  moved into the 21st century. We also, as a bonus, have a new light switch in the toilet which means we can actually see....

What this has meant is that all today's orders will go on Monday because we couldn't get near the computers until mid afternoon. We could shower (gas) and have coffee (gas) but that was all. I did lots of jobs which didn't need electricity like tidying the bedroom and cutting up stuff and sorting my files. It has meant that the next Holey Moley file won't emerge until Sunday because tomorrow I am off to sell at an embroiderers' guild open day up in Wanneroo. (I agreed ages ago and it has caught up with me). But Holey Moleys I will be emailing you all as I have a few other excitements for you as well.

The last two exciting rugby games happened this afternoon. The Crusaders beat the Brumbies and the Waratahs beat the Hurricanes (boo hoo) but at least there will be 1 NZ team and 1 Aust team in the semi finals next weekend. Here is Zac Guildford - he had a brilliant game.


Sandy said...

Life certainly decides we need a day off once in a while. Glad you got it fixed.

Doreen G said...

We have been donating money to the electricians retirement fund as well.Welost power in the back half of the house--the part where the freezer is.
It turned out the problem was in the powerpoint behind my sewing tabl.
Everything had to be shifted off and under the table and then we had to move the table which weighed a ton.
An hour later and one new 4 jack power point($80) we parted with $245.
He said he was expensive but????
I wish I earned that sort of money.

Anonymous said...

Cast not the first stone.


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