Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today I  collected a lovely new range of heavy 3ply cotton threads wonderful for quilting hand and machine and thanks to Erica for writing about them. I have had a machine stitch and am very pleased. Ian should have them on the web tomorrow. The colours are to die for - very Indian rich ones which caught both Jacinta and my attention and I think she is going to tackle fibres to match some of the colours.

I have been playing just a little - with Versmark, stamp and Moonshadow Mists to create a super watermark in my sketchbook, and I have also been embossing on Supa Foil as part of my preparation for Gilding the Lily lesson 2. More needed of course.The one above is on silver supa foil and the one below on black but it is hard to tell the difference here. I shall colour them some more but you can see how effective the embossing is and then it will be so easy to stitch on it. In case you are wondering the full word is Okarito - surprise surprise.

And then I couldn't resist some dry felting - not quite sure how I will work this further yet
.My poor Holey Moleys are feeling rejected but I have loaded Off the Edge no 2 and never fear, I will be working on through June as well - just a slight holdup in the middle. So please all stay on the edge...We sat outside for a while last night and Ian turned on the outside switch and you wouldn't believe it - it tripped two switches and the power went off. When he turned it all back on the music machine started up - rather quirky.....

Don't forget that if you are in town for the other craft show - the one we don't do - or even if you are in town - we will be open right through including Sat and Sun - 10% off all purchases over $50. You are more than welcome. Don't forget to tell us when you come.


Heather said...

Your embossing is great and I love the dry felting too - such lovely gentle colours. Hope your electrics are behaving themselves and you have a good weekend.

Erica Spinks said...

I'm glad you like the threads, Dale. I've been doing some hand stitching with the colours I bought at AQC and LOVE them even more!


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