Thursday, May 13, 2010

the best laid plans of men and mice and dales

Yesterday was a drama not to be furthered mentioned. This morning about 4am we had a big storm - a front went through but fortunately I got the chair covers in before it started. Lots of lightening and thunder and rain and I had to send Ian outside the front door to bring in 2 boxes back from Melbourne I hadn't finished unpacking. I set up my Etsy store - it has only taken me about 2 years to get this far and half the photos were funny but Jacinta came to the rescue a bit. Then I went to the studio to get to work and all the power was off - the thought of phoning an electrician brings tears to our back pockets after the last time but we had to and someone is coming in the morning.

I changed something on my blog and while it seems I have control over the pics I actually don't. These are from the piece I think Jacinta used for the header. Grovelling a little in the dark in the studio - oh dear  - just when I had an urge to tidy up - well I have done a tiny bit.

If you visit our website you will see we are having a big stamp sale - I am tidying up our office and I want to make space and anyway I have seen some new stamps I might get in so there are some great bargains with 25% off lots of our stamps.

And Studios magazine - it only arrived two days or so ago and has completely sold out. I guess what this means is that if you want a copy you should pre-order it. We have had quite a few people sad to miss out this time pop their names on the list for the next one.The trouble with the magazines is that once they have gone we don't get any more of that issue.

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Heather said...

These pics are gorgeous - so much lovely texture and beautiful colours. Hope the storm hasn't done too much damage and that the repairs to your power supply wont be too hefty.


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