Monday, May 03, 2010

home again home again jiggedy jig

it's good to be back in your own bed and just as well we made it properly before we left....

We had a great time at AQC catching up with lots of friends and customers. And for the first time we seemed to manage setting up super fast (for us) and everything seemed to fit on the stand. Managed to forget to take a few things but you really can't remember everything. I decided to introduce Le Scrunch but it sold out very fast - it will be on the web before too long, along with all the other new things which have appeared about the time we left and now we are back.

Cloth Paper Scissors appeared out of nowhere this morning (the delivery guy had phoned us on Friday and suggested thowing the boxes over the fence.....)

The new Victory machine threads and cotton floss arrived today as well - I am trying to get up to the studio to have a stitchout of them - Rusty Warrandyte, Ironbark, Middle Earth and Stonehaven.

I have a lot of ordering to do in the next day or two - new things as well as old things which we are out of. The flower stitcher book and the flower stitcher flew away as well and I have very few feet left until I get some more.

Congrats to the people who won the WAZZIE bags - I really feel you Victorians are not so good at your rugby - my team really is the HURRICANES - and they won on Friday night before we went out to dinner. It was an interesting set of results this weekend. I shall have to dream up a good question for the TAF WAZZIE bags in Brisbane. I hope the info for that starts appearing soon. But what I can tell you is that Jacinta and I will be sharing an area set as our working textile artist studio so you can come and watch us play - I mean work -

Textile Tantrums - a great sucess and I know lots of you enjoyed it all. It was a shame about the lighting or lack of lighting. Do let the organisers know you couldn't see very well. You need to bring miners lights with you next year. Speaking of next year - AQC will be 14 - 17 April in 2011. Once our stuff comes back from Melbourne, Ian will start getting the exhibition on the web - Jacinta and Rae were the judges - tomorrow when I find my piece of paper I will tell you the prize winners. Although you are all winners.

Foodie fans - Melbourne is the foodie spot and we had wonderful indulgence every night until the trip back when Qantas put out its pasta and chicken and I declined. We went to Balzarri (fabulous contemporary Italian - in Lygon St), Movida in town - ooh - worth booking 6 months ago, Mamma Vittoria in Smith Street (I bought her cookbook a long long time ago and have over the years cooked almost all the recipes and still make the pasta and bolognese sauce so thought we would give it a go and it was very nice indeed -Ian's cousins gave it the thumbs up for our cuzzie night out) and then Lau's Family Kitchen which was wonderful as always and I indulged in the whitebait fritter - ooh - to die for. I noticed on Bruce's blog that he has been cooking lasagne. I will take all credit for his cooking prowess......

Newsletter will be coming tomorrow - I have started it inbetween orders and unpacking. Plus the Product of the Month months lots are all ready to go tomorrow along with the latest CPS. I do believe that this is a good issue - and there are no halloween or snowmen on the front cover.
Because there is nothing in the fridge or pantry as yet, we are going to further our indulgences by going out to Cantina tonight.


Penny said...

You never seem to stop, your bed does look comfortable. I came home and fell in a heap, too much holiday excitement. Realised I forgot a heap of things I was going to buy, but then I had run out of money so just as well. Loved my Wuzzy Ozzy or whatever bag, thank you. Great to see the tantrums and the lighting could have been much better a great collection.
Great to catch up.
Say hi to Wendy and Chris when they come buying possibly tomorrow!
Like the word I have to write up to get my comment in it is IMMORSOLL!!

ChinaDoll said...

I also was excited to win a Wazzie. Thanks Dale, you made my day. You're right, we Vics are not much good at rugby but pretty good at Aussie Rules and possible soccer. Thanks again.

Robin Mac said...

Where on earth do you get all your energy? Sounds like Melbourne was a great success. I am looking forward to seeing Textile Tantrums in Brisbane, wish they would get their act together there, I want to know what workshops will be happening! Cheers, Robin


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