Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flower Power

The other night I went to a workshop with Linda Baldock - she does wonderful things with chipboard and Moonglow products which I wanted to see - today I made some flowers my way - more textiley. Actually I have made about 6 all quite different - right now I have water soluble paper drying to see how that will go. I will have them at Textile Art Festival in Brisbane if anyone is going. Jacinta and I will be sharing a working artist studio spot - not at the same time that would be chaotic but we will have half days or some hours or something but the bottom line is we have to share and take turns like good girls. And be tidy - ha ha. Are you reading this Jacinta? Unlike your lovely cat I don't want to be splashed with pink dye - it might clash with my hair.

I am also upcycling (Ian rolls his eyes) - this is a new word in my vocab which I keep reading about. I am using old book pages to make flowers - just need to work out the folds and I will be mostly there - I think I need Kazuko to show me how. Then I shall spray them with Starburst Sprays and wow of course.

I have also been further rusting on different surfaces - the major problem is having to wait until the powder dries. I am getting some interesting results - trying out different surfaces.

Last night we went to Koinonia - it's been one of our favourite restaurants but sad to say tonight is their last night - I had lovely flounder for the last time with a grapefuit and cucumber sauce (with chilli). Anthony is such a superb cook and Kim is so lovely - they are off for a short break and then looking at a different sort of venture - it's long hard work running a restaurant and trying to make money - we shall miss them very much but threatening to catch up - like a bbq here or there. That's two passionate chefs we have lost from their restaurants - fortunately Luigi loves to cook for us at his place (and ours if he gets a chance).

Ian has a new programme for his computer so I do believe he is writing the newsletter to hurry me along while he learns how to use it. He has also loaded all the Startburst Spray and Moonshadow packs on the website - just got to do the Glitz Spritz and Magica Mica sets - there are wonderful - they match the Starburst Spray colours and they come with a binder - I just use a water brush with them and work in the lids - the colours are so rich and two toned. In case no-one had noticed I love the Moonglow stuff.


Heather said...

You've been as busy as ever by the sound of it. Love that flower and what a good idea to recycle old book pages that way.

Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

I will wikipedia that neat and tidy comment and get back to you on that!
Can you get it at Safeway?

Downunderdale said...

I think that you will never find it - well and truly hidden in the depths of Safeway and only found by those who do....

Mind you - gloves?


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