Friday, May 21, 2010


Today I have been playing with a few things - first I have used puff paint (Xpandaprint of course) over a Khadi page previously sprayed with Black Orchid Starburst Spray (of course) and then I have scraped puff through one of the stencils  - and painted it with the matching Magical Mica - these sets aren't on the web yet but we sold quite a number at AQC  - they are all in the same sets as the Starburst Sprays - a two toned mica which has the strong stain , mica and a binder. When they are heated you can see the wonderful duo sparkle effect. I also tried them in conjunction with the Distress Inks but I need to do more work here - I am not so pleased with my sample pages at this stage.

Next I decided to revisit embossing velvet - Jacinta's baby. It was her who worked out that if you paint your stamps first you can double dip - emboss and colour together. Works exceptionally well with polymer stamps like our illuminations ones. I also tried embossing with the Fat Sparrow - you can see the effect if you just emboss and then when you add paint. The rubber doesn't quite give the same result as the paint doesn't transfer as well. What it means is that Jacinta and I are working on producing a few new stamps so watch this space.

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Heather said...

Love your experiments - those new sprays sound wonderful. I like the embossed velvet technique and must have another go myself. So much to do and so little time!


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