Tuesday, May 11, 2010

finally a little work

Finally today I got started on a little work - hoping to get stitching tonight - I have so many things I want to get working on but at least we have finally got up to date with the orders although I do still have a lot of stocktaking and ordering to do. I must say that shows cause disruption but eventually we recover in time for the next one. I shall start gathering and packing for Brisbane soon as well. The latest Studios rocked up today and some have gone tonight but the remainder will be posted tomorrow.

I am not sure where Jacinta found that piece for my header but she assures me it is mine from 2008 - amazing.
Ev - I know what you are saying - it looks too busy when you first look doesn't it?

Hands-on workshops - well I haven't done one for ages and ages but I could be persuaded if there was enough interest- just need to sort a time when I have a time. Not a promise though.....

What I can tell you is that for the Quilt Craft and Stitch Show here in August - the guest artist on our stand this year is - ME. I will be working away on the stand creating chaos with machine, stitch and stuff. I will have work on display and of course be happy to talk about what I am doing. Other guests of greater importance include Ken Smith who will be running workshops after the show and Jenny Bowker. Both of these will certainly be worth a visit to see. Mareene was telling me today all sorts of excitements for the show.

The scotch fillet last night really was so I can only imagine what we got the other night - maybe gravy beef but whatever it was it wasn't prepared for barbequing. Probably would have been lovely cooked the right way if we had known. Tonight I am cooking a Keith Floyd curry - one we are very fond of.


Heather said...

This new piece of work looks fantastic Dale - I don't know how you find time to do your own work at all, with everything else you have to fit in. The August show sounds great. All your talk of bbq's and curry is making me hungry!

Unknown said...

The edge pieces look identical to my trilobal nylon vessel from about 10 years ago!! I love the look of pebbles and the misty colours!

Edwina Sutherland said...

You are so prolific! Raelly nice mood to this piece.


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