Saturday, May 22, 2010

lovely lovely rain

Woke up this morning to lots of lovely rain - realised I had left the two chair covers out but nothing you can do at that point as they were already very wet. Now drying. Ian had a little trip to the roof to clean the gutters. When you have all of these trees like we do it's always inevitable.

Have had quite a lovely little play today of a few different things - some for the next Gilding the Lily lesson, some for my next article in Embellish and some for fun and the sheer sake of playing. I enjoyed yesterday's sunburst piece so much I stitched into it and made another with bright colours. I have used Starburst Sprays and Glitz Spritz - Medieval Gold is a lovely colour to pop over the top. To stitch over Xpandaprint I find it bets to cover the surface with a chiffon scarf and then attack it with the heat gun which leaves extra crunchy bits so an added bonus. The Sunday at the top of the pic is my list of things to tackle tomorrow. You can see that Saturday has been crossed out but I have completed some things and added some more.

Ian has been busy working on the website and giving all the magazines their own home. Go see....

Tonight we are having a slow roasted Morrocan leg of lamb - quite late since I forgot to put it in until late - and then we are off to watch the Crusaders in their semi-final in South Africa - good luck to them to win. Not going to stay up to watch the Warratahs though. 1am is too late.

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Sandy said...

I'm behind in my reading-computer was weird. I love all the stuff in the last few posts.


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