Sunday, May 16, 2010

a little manipulation

I have been playign with paper and cutting out and manipulating. thought I should translate it to fabric so here is a little piece stitched, cut and resewn. I have been manipulating it in a few ways but this one looks like chocolates I think. Here is another - lots of play to come. A little off the edge. I have a pile of different patterns to play with. lots of fiddly cutting.

I realised when I got there (miles away) that it was a Quilters' Group I went to yesterday not an embroiderers group. Never mind. I had forgotten how far the northern suburbs are from here. You get spoilt living pretty well in the city. Got back in time to wacth the rugby games - the Reds vs Highlanders was a fabulous match and both sides deserved to finish on equal points. It would have to be the best game this season.

Lovely day in Perth - Ian has finished putting his garden shed together - he said so much of it was out of line up - holes nowhere near meeting.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Interesting stitched paper/fabric shapes Dale - lots of possibilities. You would think in these days of precision tools that a self-assembly shed would have everything in alignment.


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