Thursday, September 07, 2006

wintery thursday

Today is like a winter's day in Christcurch - it is cold, windy and raining off and on. I saw on the news that Sydney had the most rain today for 100 years and I got a letter from one of my students - Paula from the Netherlands - telling me that her house was flooded last week and everything is underwater. I feel so sorry for her and shall send her a parcel of goodies tomorrow not that it will replace anything.

Just to show that I have been having fun with the springy eyelets, here are some pics. Now I shall be on the lookout for intersting eyelets. I have been to a few places in Perth and had a little google search but they are all pretty ordinary, so if anyone has exciting ones, do let me know. The springy eyelet gizmo is easy to use, if noisy. I did find some little tiny ones and a big star.

The springy thingy works well on copper shim too. The big one is playing around with holes from the screw punch.

Tonight I have broken a needle on the embellisher - first one - I will have to try and find the booklet to see how to remove and replace. I know I saw it somewhere.....
I have also been playing with the new Starburst Stains - decorating a few more tags for the frangipani book from a wee while back - this is all because I want to put more eyelets on. It's amazing what amuses us.

Blogger doesn't want to add my pics tonight so I shall come back later.....

Friday update - I still can't load any pics and I have tried everything that the blogger people tell you to try - it seems there is a bit of an ongoing problem. I have cleaned out files, tried mozilla and internet explorer, rebooted the computer. So sorry, folks, no pics......... You will have to use your imagination.

Saturday update - such frustration - I can now half load but when it says click done, there is no done. Keep watching this space - I will post again and back post my accumulated pics when beta blogger is ready to play ball.

Much later on Saturday night. You will see Ihave pictures - not loaded in the normal way but the whole episode has driven me nuts but I was determined to load some pictures and since I had no DONE to click on I have simply dragged the pictures onto the posting page. Must say I am pleased with having got htis far.

Tonight it is pouring with rain and we are about to watch the Wallabies play South Africa.


Atelier 51 said...

Dear Dale,
I am a very good friend of Jessica Danyluk and she was so eager last night to share your talent with me. Fabulous. I am an artist in the states with a love for surface textures and was blown away with your color combinations and use of texture. I am anxious to explore more at your site and I thank Jess for sharing your fantastic talent with me. All My best, Nancy

Downunderdale said...

Thanks Nancy and say hello to Jessica for me - tell her Grant phoned today - he was relaxing on Long Beach - he has a good life...

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale I don't think that you will have any trouble in actually changing the needle on your embellisher, it's getting the needle holder back into the machine that is the tricky bit. If you can't find your instructions I will scan mine and email it to you.

Cheers Helen

Anonymous said...

Hi Dale,

I had to add another web browser. I had the same problem with the pictures. I added "Firefox" to my web browsers and this seemed to do the trick. I do have an Apple computer though.

Thanks for sharing all of your experiments!

Penny said...

Glad to finally see some pics even if not done the usual way.I have problems trying to work out our eyelet thingy, will you have some for sale? I assume it is to put eyelets in and is easier than the normal way of doing it?Penny


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