Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today I got up at 6am as usual with a plan to wind the yarns on my schedule, do the orders and then hibernate to my studio (doesn't that sound good?) However, like all good plans, this idea has been shot to pieces. Myfanwy's book on the embellisher has arrived. It is a great intro to the embellisher, especially for all those people who have not known where to start. Ian was about to load it onto the website but then he got interrupted by the arrival of Cloth Paper Scissors no 9 which I was sure wouldn't come until I was away in Geelong next week. Ian is mightily relieved about that! Plus I had3 big parcels from Rae and Jacinta with lots of yummy silk tops, silk velvet, handdyed mulberry bark, hand dyed tissutex and more (all for me to package) and a few other parcels which I have forgotten after all of that. BUT - off to my embellisher to finish some more samples for MY book. At present I have to decide on the name - it's all about Creating Cloth but I was planning on Surface Tension. Watch this space. Bruce is studying at present but I have reminded him that he is doing all the photography. He takes wonderful pics (you can see his pics of the south west on the link on the right). There will be lots of pics in the book as I want it to be a visual feast.


Anonymous said...

oo Dale I'll really look forward to your book. not posting to AD at the moment as away.

all the best
Helen S

Anonymous said...

The more books the better imho!!!!!! Reading about it is as far a I get!!!

Helen from Canberra said...


I just have to have that embellishing book. I will go to the mail orders immediately.

Cheers Helen


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