Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mini Illuminations

These are our new Mini Illumination Metallics - the black core or Black Jewel ones. I have 8000 of these and 8000 of the standard metallics. That's a lot to put the labels on. The labels should be here on Tuesday. I am really pleased with these - they are a mini version of the Illuminations Metallics which we introduced last year and which have been very popular. I thought it a good idea to sell small spools - 165 metres and I have added black to the range. I couldn't get black when I did the inital order. I am packaging them in boxes of 10 or selling single but the box, of course, is great for storage. They are very similar to the Madiera FS 2/2 which is slightly thicker but to be quite honest, it's hard to tell the difference when you are stitching. I am trying to sort out some variegated ones for dyeing next. As you would all know, everything takes time. ps - they are our promotion for this month.....

I am really testing the posting of pictures and hope it helps anyone else who is having problems - it is amazing what you learn when you have to! I was so frustrated yesterday and doggedly worked away at finding a solution. Seems there are lots of people out there who can't find a DONE to click on.... The images this way are small but you can grow them. If you add the text afterwards it seems to be easier. I just hope Beta blogger solve the problem though.

Emebllisher - still working away - I managed to change the needle easily - thanks to Hilary who sent me to Paula's site - - to her helpful section on changing needles. Watching all of this rugby means I have been knitting some lovely 100% wool I bought at Darling Harbour 2 years ago. I am planning a bolero to kick start my art to wear for next year. I plan to use the embellisher on parts. Just have to draw up a pattern to stitch to. Soon.

We had very heavy rain last night - it's lovely at night time.

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