Thursday, September 14, 2006

Art to Wear Darling Harbour

I am in a state of shock - blogger let me load my pictures - the DONE part is back. Yeah....
Elaine very kindly sent me these pics which are in the NSW Quilters Guild mgazine Template. Seems I must have not paid my sub as I didn't get a copy. It is really great to see the recognition given to the Art to Wear this year. If you click on the pics you can enlarge them to see who owns them and better detail.

Supposed to be packing the boxes to send onahead to Geelong but have got lazy. Today I went to a workshop run by Annie Rawle in Fremantle - knitting a mobius wrap - a great mathematical feat and a lot of fun.

16,00 labels arrived extremely early this morning so I can amuse myself putting them on all of the new mini Illumination metallic threads. No rest for some.

Shanghai vessel back on track tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

oo good - the one i was drawn to first I clicked on and it was yours hehe. it's the first time i've seen your bigger work - just wonderful!

Brenda said...

Wearing my guild Exhibition Secretary hat, I thought I said mention that the Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc is selling CD catalogues of Sydney Quilt Show 2006 for $35 plus postage. This CD includes great images of ALL of the Art to Wear exhibits PLUS all of the 370+ member entry quilts PLUS the guild challenge quilts PLUS the refabricating retrospective (contemporary) quilts and MORE. Contact the guild to order your copy!

Downunderdale said...

Many thanks Brenda, and that might mean that someone with a CD might be able to tell us of the missing titels and artists on our site.


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