Saturday, September 23, 2006


This is part of my first vessel - two sides all laced together and a supporting pillar. They will soon all be bound together. I have used my Japanese screw punch to make holes for the eyelets and my spring thingies to set them. Worked a treat.
I didn't quite get my first vessel finish but all the components are done - the bottom is stitched and scratched and moonshadowed Shanghai newspapers for the inside, the red is lots of stitch and stuff for the ourside, the top rod is a bead made from Shanghai newspapers and stitch and some words. Taking it all to forum in Geelong to finish and work on some others.

I should have some finished ones when I get back, having spent part of the day packing and shopping (someone had no trousers and shorts and was a little desperate. Now he is looking VERY suave with all these new clothes - all ready for London so watch out).

I fly off at 6am (yuk) but much better than the midnight horrible.

Embellisher workshop - well I have had 25 emails from people not from Perth but from all over so obviously I am in the wrong place. Perhaps everyone here knows much more than me.
I am teaching at AQC in Melbourne in February and the programme arrived on Friday - I think I need to go to how to look nice in a photo class....

I have also fiddled with Beta Blogger and updated my template and have lost my links - but managed to get a couple back like the site meter and Loose Ends. I don't remember the codes for the others....

Post next Sunday and if anyone is going to Geelong - see you there.


Anonymous said...

This looks very interesting Dale.
Which of the Japanese screw punches (dearer or cheaper) would the average crafter get the most use out of? Do they both do the same thing but the dearer one is stronger?
Back to the flower punches from Helen - - Is the Lakeland place in the UK? Are you organizing to get some when you are over there soon?
All these questions -- sorry.
Kay O'M.

Downunderdale said...

Hi Kay

The dearer on eis actually much better and stringer and goes through heavy card (like in book making) - the cheaper one is really for paper only i have decided.
Daisy punches - yes it is Lakeland in UK but they are a retailer



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