Tuesday, September 12, 2006

tuesday some embelllisher work

At the top is what the fabric looks like on the back - I have worked wool fibres onto the back of the scrim and below it is the front - wool batts woked onto hand dyed scrim and you can see the other fibres coming through as well as little speckles of scrim.

this is another piece I made today - and on the top I added some thick rovings I had for a bit of dimension.

I have reposted these pics so you can click on them to see a larger image.

The concert last night - Juniper Chamber Orchestra - inaugural concert - was very good. The orchestra is named for Robert Juniper, a pretty well known West Australian artist. I hope they do well.

I am working on my Shanghai vessels - stitching on painted Shanghai newspapers and making newspaper beads for the structural parts. Should be able to post some pics tomorrow if I make good progress.

Stephanie sent me a wonderful Indian braid today which I am no trying to get bulk of. It is glorious and I am hoping to add it to a little embellisher bag I am working on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dale, just seeing if I can post to your blog yet. What a pain if you can't get back to the old blogger!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dale - love what you are doing with the embellisher. I found this very interesting post on another blog today and thought I would send the link to you
Cheers .... Anne


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