Tuesday, September 05, 2006

studio excitement

Paul, our architect, was asked to enter the studio in the building design awards so three judges came around this afternoon to have a look. I had to hurry and tidy up some stuff - take away the ironing board and pretend I was getting more organised. Very exciting, especially for Paul as has done a wonderful job. The wooden decking will start in 2 weekends - Jim, the dekky man, who was the chippie who worked on the studio, moonlights on decking apparently. So it will be complete before too long. Ian is even preparing to go and pick up the feature light we chose way back when.... then we will be able to start on the garden sections maybe even before it gets too hot.

Shirley asked what the eyelet thing looks like so I have a picture here - they are really quite nifty and you just need a mat for underneath. I will post a pic having used them tomorrow - no time tonight - off to the local for dinner and then to a slide presentation by Chad Alice Hagen, feltmaker.

Many thanks for all the fabric name suggestions - decision time on Saturday. And yes - 10,000 metres is a big roll!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dale,
I've got a set of these on Maggie's recommendation... they really are good.


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