Saturday, September 02, 2006

A challenge with a reward

I have a challenge for my blog readers. I have coming around 10,000 metres of the fabric I was testing and playing with. It works just like nappy liners and agricultural fleece and we will be selling it of course. However, I need a good name for it. If you have used nappy liners, you will know just what sort of things we want to do with them (nothing to do with babies please), but I have been tapping my brains cells for a while now and haven't come up with a good name.

If you can email me a name which is just what I am looking for, I will send you a set of our new Mini Illumination metallic threads - there are 2 sets of 10 - one is the Standard Illuminations and the other the Black Jewel Illumination. They are each 165 metres and, yes, we will be selling them singularly - remember Ian hasn't loaded the month's promotions yet. But this is a gift from me to whoever can help my imagination. I haven't got a pic of these threads yet but when he gets that far I will add one here for you to be inspired to dream up a good name for me.

Tonight is the second to last game of the Tri Nations with the All Blacks playing the Springboks. The ABs have won the series but will be wanting to finish off well. Next week are the Wallabies vs the Springbox and then it's all over for this season. Roll on the World Cup in France next year. We are off to the Northbridge Hotel tonight at 9pm to watch the game.


Anonymous said...

I think the name "Chameleon" might work.

Erica said...


my thesaurus just melted

Anonymous said...

Singe & Sew
Burn & Burnish

Anonymous said...

Hi Dale,

I have a few ideas for you. I am going with imaginary vs. informative since I don't know much about the product but it sounds very interesting for texture and dying.

1. Babies on a cloud
2. Pillow dreams
3. Child's play
4. Ice cream dreams
5. Child's play "dyeable fleece"
6. Nature's treasure dyeable fleece (or liners)


Rosalind said...

Downunder Delight
Over and Under.


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