Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daisy Punches

I got a lovely parcel from Helen today - a set of daisy punches. Anyone would think I was having a flower moment - well I am. Thanks Helen, and your goodies are about to go. I am waiting for the 16,000 labels which were supposed to arrive yesterday but should hopefully be here tomorrow. These punches came from Lakeland who won't send out of UK so it is wonderful to have friends in distant lands who will help you when you simply must have something.

I haven't my vessel pics yet but I have been making beads with the Shanghai newspaper all sprayed with Moonshadow Mist, and stitching and burning. Try tomorrow.

I have discovered that you cannot go back to the old blogger so I will just have to wait until the blogger team get the problem of image uploading sorted. At least I can still drag and drop.....

Jusr realised that we forgot to go to our local last night - they will be wondering where we are. At least, I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Funny these should come up today... I just ordered some from Lakeland yesterday! I meant to do it with my lsat order and forgot.
I sahll have fun with these

Dorothy Gibbs said...

I just signed up ... I don't don't like being a nony mouse!



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