Monday, September 04, 2006


Lovely weekend even if the All Blacks didn't win their last game. Hopefully it will fire them up for the World Cup in 2007...

I have had many many emails from you lovely people and an armload of suggestions for a name for my new fabric. I shall make my choice next Saturday so the rest of you still have time. Many thanks for all of your help - it has got the creative brains going. I have one which is grabbing my fancy but you will have to wait.

Funny weather here - rain when we want to go for our walks and sunny but cold for Perth. We had a couple of lovely books arrive today - both from Batsford where the books are always great. Sheila Smith has one out on felting and Janice Gunner on shibori. Sheila's one has a small section on needelfelting and has given me another idea to play on the embellisher and try. Today I have another pic to wet your appetite - all achieved on the embellisher in about 15 minutes. This machine becomes more exciting and I am only working in my little way. Others will be using it for other much more exciting things.

I also got a set of springy eyelets which Maggie Grey was raving about. I had to track them down and get one to see if they were any good. They are so I have ordered some more. Having lots of fun with all this sort of stuff.

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