Monday, February 20, 2012

A very pleasant 24 hours

 Always good when someone else has a birthday - you get to enjoy whatever is happening. Here is the happy birtthday boy - we had a lovely time at The Loose box in Mundaring - a delightful lunch of several courses

 Twas our desert

 and here is the birthday boy's extra treat.

. We stayed in one of the cottages overnight - bit of excitement when the power went off for nearly an hour and we were out and about with torches.

Back home again where it is hot.  but all the latest Stencils have just arrived - all 36 of them - on the web already - see what a birthday break does....
This is pomegranate - I am still deciding which one to play with first. At least my fingers are clean for the moment.


Heather said...

Here am I eating Ryvitas and lettuce and you show me that dessert!! My birthday next month so I'm making room in case someone gives me chocs.

Peaceful Parallel said...

Oooo The Loose Box! Delicious! We went there for our Wedding Anni a few years ago, definitely a wonderful foodie experience! Bethx


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