Sunday, February 26, 2012

le weekend is nearly over

We have been busy this weekend but I don't have a lot to report - I did my demo on Sat morning which I think they enjoyed. One of the things I like when I do any demos is that my brain usually suggests ideas to have a go at - sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but it is important  to do this isn't it? One thing which worked well for me was laying down a stencil on Tissutex surface which had been sprayed before with colour and ironing the hot spots onto it, lifting the stencil and then applying foil. Worked a treat and then someone suggested turning the stencil over and doing the negative. That worked a treat too. Just one minor problem. The stencil is proving stubborn to clean.

Then we watched all the rugby - really enjoyed the Chiefs vs Highlanders game and sorry Ali - I was pleased the Highlanders won. Lots of nasty injuries though and it is only week 1. Got up this morning to watch the Hurricanes - they didn't do too badly but with lots of tackling ran out of puff and were a bit unlucky.

I have popped in this photo of in Le Luberon in Provence - I guess these are slightly more the colours I was thinking of - have spent some time studying the wool top sample and I do like it but I am still thinking.

Today I have tidying up my studio and sorting my water soluble samples and getting ready for my workshop next Saturday. If you are in Perth and haven't done a lot of water soluble work, it will be a good workshop. There are a couple of places left if anyone is interested. You only need to bring your sewing machine and a bowl and a towel. We will be working on Romeo only - stitching, painting, moulding for starters.

I have also been spraying Tissuetex and using stencils - wrapping the paper around the Tissutex - I am enjoying the effects and also using the gelli plate. I am a bit hooked on this thing. So my combo for working has been acrylic paint, Starburst sprays and shiva stiks - lots of interesting layers. All in the Marrakesh colours and I have just started drawing and playing with designs.

Also being a bit inspired by these keys. They would get lost in this house.

I spent part of the morning cutting and rolling flimsies and then decided to pull them all down and Ian put on the web one of each we have in stock. All this organisation is too much really but ever so helpful. Now I am wondering who is going to put them all back and sort them out? In the meantime I can hear a glass of wine being poured. The weather has been so much nicer this weekend. Maybe Summer is moving off.


Heather said...

Love the Provence and old keys photos, and the sound of your experiments.
Aren't those Flimsies gorgeous?
We've just had three glorious spring days - frosty nights still. Can it last?!

Ali Honey said...

So we both start the season with a loss. Never mind like you I think it may have been a deserved win by the Highlanders. It's the injuries that are the that rate there won't be a team for long.
Actually as long as it is an exciting game I am happy. I like the ones where I don't care who wins best...less nerve-wracking.

Robin Mac said...

Love the colours in those flimsies. Your experimenting sounds interesting. Glad the weather has been kinder for you. Cheers

Karen said...

when?????? do you have time to sew???


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