Thursday, February 16, 2012

somehow it is Thursday already

 Some people complain that they are bored  - I am thinking maybe they could give some of their surplus hours to me and i would use them wisely and their day would speed up. Good theory?

This picture is not so easy to see but it is my collection of hearts on a machine stitched cord. I am doing a lot of stitching this week for a purpose.

No 6 - again a photo for a purpose. Looks great at night when the light is on inside. Harley has become the keeper of the front door and sits on the mat and doorstep - she loves watching the day go by so long as it is a wee way away from her. We have discovered that she is still sneaking into the fireplace for a few hours every afternoon - like a sort of nanny nap?

You will all be so delighted to know that the rugby - super 15 - starts next week. There is a pre-season game on tonight at the park but I am not going - the others are. I am writing and stitching with a deadline. and maybe a glass of wine to help. and playing with my inks.

Facebook - last time I looked we were 2 people off 1400. When we have 1400 likes I am drawing a name for $200 parcel of Victory rayon machine embroidery threads so some lucky person can do lots of free machine stitching too.


Robin Mac said...

Hope you have got your stitching done in time. I love your stained glass door. Not sure how many more comments I shall be leaving with these stupid new characters google is putting up for the verification - need better eyesight than mine to decipher them! Cheers

Heather said...

It's Sod's Law that now I have the time I sometimes lack the energy. I love your hearts and your front door. Harley must set it off beautifully.
I didn't realise that football and rugby ever actually stopped!!
That's a very generous draw prize for one lucky person - long odds, I'd guess.

RachelA said...

What an absolutely fabulous front door! A photo of Harley on guard please! I love your excuses for another very generous prize draw too!

liniecat said...

Its thursday in Uk seems like times speedin up at each end of our world!

Judy said...


the machine stitched heart ad delightful, love their colours as well. Harley has a beautiful front door to sit and guard, And the darling Harley can have a few nanny naps in her fire place for me I dont have time. Fancy being bored dont ever remember being bored in my life, if nothing else in life there are always books, to learn from to take you to feelings and place you'll never know any other way. Wow give me more to do not less.


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