Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Harley the mouse catcher

 Harley fancies herself as Ian's assistant, waiting to catch a mouse. There isn't a spot in this house where she doesn't venture. We are rather hoping her skills will extend to catching the rat which runs across the gate at the back every night, with one of his pals or family. Haven't decided it they live further back or further up.

 The first shipment of unbleached mulberry bark arrived yesterday - the bleached must still be on the high seas. Not much spare storage at present so I decided the bath was a good spot - fortunately we have showers but we do have a lovely claw foot bath now in use. Very pleased with this bark - it has taken me years to find it direct - all the pieces are quite different sizes but there is some lovely stuff there to play with.

 The Sew Somerset basically sold out immediately but so many people have emailed or phoned that I have ordered another lot. The list is already quite long but if you would like one, please email or phone and I will get it to you as soon as they arrive. Shouldn't take too long. It is a lovely magazine.

I have finally launched the first of our Limited Editions - Venice - do check out the tag at the top.

It is starting to get hot in Perth once again but we shall enjoy a bbq tonight and Harley is enjoying sitting outside with us at night with ears ever alert. It is interesting that some noises she has obviously programmed in now but anything new and certainly the tingle of next door's cat's bell, sends her rushing back indoors.

I am still inky pinky playing with lovely inks but there will be a new taster up tomorrow.


Heather said...

Glad Ian has his own personal desktop mouse-catcher! I think you'd do better with a Jack Russell dog for catching rats.
The Mulberry bark looks very interesting and I'm just off to see the Limited Editions - Venice looks good.

Karen said...

hot? what is that?'s freezing over here...


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