Sunday, February 12, 2012

after Saturday play comes Sunday work

 The trouble with working is that tasks don't do themselves and this morning I thought I had better get on with one instead of just writing lists about it all. Our warehouse is quite long with partitioned sections and lots of shelves - at one stage it was a right mess especially at the back but a lot of time over time has meant it is pretty organised now. Except that when a shipment arrives, one tends to take it down there and dump it approximately where it should be. The second partitioned area is full of all the Moonglow stuff and a lot of fibre. This morning I spent quite a few hours sorting and placing things in the right places - still lots to do but now I know exactly what is there. The trouble is that there is no ventilation apart from the front door and I got to the stage where my glasses with the one arm only, kept falling off and I couldn't see out of them. Before anyone asks why I am still with the one armed specs, I will tell you tomorrow.

The photo at the top is all of Jacinta's stuff - silk in alphabetical order in boxes and wool tops half sorted. Wool fibres especially, take up a lot of space.
 All of Martien's slushies in order and big containers below with the Moonglow sets in their right categories - this is how I found that I need to spend a lot of time this week packaging sets.

 On this side, Martien's wool tops all very organised and boxes of Starburst Sprays underneath.

 And finally, since I was all hot and bothered, I got Ian, when he called in to see how I was going, to turn a big shelf around - this is full of the Moonshadow Mists and Starburst Sprays. The trouble is that when I start putting all the packs together I will discover that I am low on stock so that will be more counting. But I have made room for a new shelf of sorts to fit.

I still have quite a lot to do - all of Jacinta's slushies are lingering in another shelf not in this little area - they need semblance. And I haven't started sorting all the Corriedale wool packs. Oh well - another day tomorrow.

As a reward I came home and started the completion of the writing of my next Let's Play book which hopefully will be ready in a few weeks.

Tonight we are off to Tim Minchin.


Heather said...

You must be very pleased with your efforts. If I ever got to visit your warehouse I might think I had died and gone to Heaven!

Robin Mac said...

I hope Tim Minchin was good - you certainly deserved a big reward after all that effort. Cheers

Nicole Erfan said...

That is hard work! I am a big procrastinator and always seem to avoid cleaning up the studio.. need to get better about that!
Seeing all those slushies makes me happy. :)

Linda said...

Looks like you made some headway Dale, very hard in such heat. Hope your night out was pleasant, and the weather cools a little. Looks like a scorcher brewing here today. I'd love a visit to your warehouse!! Cheers.

Judy said...


What a lot of work it looks getting everything in order. I so want to hear your specs story, not for a long time but I remeber having to struggle with one arm specs once and it is no fun.


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