Friday, February 10, 2012

thank goodness it is friday over and I do love those gelli plates

 It's been very hot today - 41 - but I do believe it is going to cool down over the weekend. Last night we went to Cantina to eat and their air con was not working can you believe? Hence we have been indoors with the air con on but I made a trip to the warehouse to start my tidying up of the fibre section - will go back in the morning and take a photo or two when I think it looks respectable. You package things and take them down in bags and dump them on the floor and then you can't find things when you need them so at some point it all becomes rather serious. I am feeling a little sanctimonious after my initial sorting this morning but I left as soon as I got hot - there is no ventilation in our long skinny building.

I do love these Gelli plates though. People have been enquiring - they should be here next week. I am working on Tissutex and using the small plate because it suits my purposes.
Building up layers. On the plate I have put Opulence paint and rolled it out and impressed a moulding mat and a stamp onto the surface and then I lay the Tissutex on the plate and pressed all over. Once it was dry I sprayed the back with Starburst Sprays. It's hard to show the depth of colour in a photo but take my word for it.

This one I did differently - popped the moulding mat underneath and did rubbing with Gold shiva stik - then applied the colour to the plate and pressed a stencil over the surface. For one part i pressed the paper overt he plate with the stencil still in place and then I lifted the plate and pressed the paper onto the plate. Very pleased with this piece. I sprayed it on the back with Starburst Sprays.

 I am planning to stitch these tomorrow so will show you them again and see how they turn out.

This bottom one is spraying with my new inky pinkies on the Qantas towel through a stencil. I am loving this ink experimenting and hope to be able to tell you more about them soon.

Back to Canada - we would have gone for the ferry and will probably do it on the way back but our plane gets in at 10.45pm and we are on the last plane to Victoria at 11.45pm. If we miss it then we will have to sleep on the ground and wait until the morning.... Can anyone tell me if it is far from the international part to the domestic part? it's not until May so we have time to panic. I am glad you have all the stuff Ann - it means you are on my wave length. You will get another email from the organisers though because being me I missed the deadline with my info....

Time for a Friday night glass of something nice and cool I think.


Heather said...

I love the effects you have got with the inks and stencils, etc. They are really beautiful.
There is nothing more satisfying than sorting out a horrid mess, but it does take me a while to pluck up the courage to start!
Hope your weather cools soon - it's snowing again here and temperatures are due to plummet overnight meaning the roads will be like glass in the morning. Roll on Spring!

Numinosity said...

This is some interesting stuff you're working with. I've never heard of most of it. Can't go wrong with layering can you?

I totally understand your pre-panic over your plane connection because that's exactly what just happened to us in India, Delayed flight and far away domestic terminal had us stuck in Delhi till morning. Our new morning ticket made it so that security wouldn't allow us into the other terminal until after midnight ( it was afternoon still when we arrived) Had to scramble to find a backstreet hotel in the city till the next flight. They actually told us we had to buy whole new tickets for the next plane as well but my husband was rather insistent that we only get stuck with a minimal change fee. what a nightmare.

I'm sure it will go more smoothly for you in May, you'll almost be in our Alaskan neck of the woods. Wave when you get there!
xoxo Kim

Stitchety Grub said...

I am loving that 3rd pic - the Qantas towel - colours are sooo scrummy mm mm!


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