Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday stuff

 Harley has decided to be my helper as well - she can look out at the street when she is not trying to help type. The printer sent her into a tizz though - she is still so twitchy about noises. When Ian appears with the vacuum cleaner she is off and now when he opens the cupboard door where it lives she is off!

I thought I would show a few pages from one of my sketchbooks - I had to answer a few questions for somewhere else (I will announce it when it appears) and I had these pics left. Working on the stones and fossils and stuff .
 Sort of the leaf fossil thing

 and some more
 and some more as well with a little TAP printed photo - all working in one of my khadi rag paper books. We have sold out of the regular ones and have only a few of the spiral ones left until October. Do I need another one yet???

 This is more of the stitch to print and print to stitch idea.

 And a little drawing from patterns in Provence. I have used the pigments I bought in Roussilon.

I have been packaging like a headless chook these last couple of days. Yesterday I did 200 Terrific Textures - just where do they go - and today I had to do a heap of the Little Yarn Bitz Bags and I can see I have quite a bit to do tomorrow for an order sitting waiting. I surely package on the hop until there is a show on the horizon! Just as well I am a list girl. The latest Cloth Paper Scissors appeared as well this morning - I think there are a couple of spares if anyone is interested. It is quite a good read this round.

 The most exciting thing, though, was that the Distress Markers arrived yesterday - wonderful!


Heather said...

Harley is really part of Team Rollerson now, inspite of her fear of the vaccuum cleaner and printer. Our cat hated them too.
Your sketchbook pages and stitched samples are wonderful - thanks for sharing. I love the look of the Distress Markers and have just re- subscribed to Cloth Paper Scissors. That next issue looks very good.

Robin Mac said...

I do love all your stone samples. The distress markers look pretty good also, I am restraining myself, I do NOT need anything more.....well, not immediately anyway. Cheers


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