Tuesday, February 21, 2012

lots of lovely goodies to play with

 I love it when the parcel man or woman arrives with parcels especially when they are new goodies. Most exciting was the Gelli plates arriving - they took longer than everything else to make their journey. Boy the boxes of these are heavy mainly because the plates are heavy. I felt the need to have a play especially with one of the new stencils. When I counted the stencils I found 2 had managed to miss the post and of course some of you wanted those ones. Hopefully they won't take too long to get here.

 Then the new Dylusion stamps arrived as well including this set of Paris which is not part of  the series but an indulgence for myself. I got a few more of course for those who feel like me.... Here is the set of stamps below - nice and deep cut and easy to peel off and use. I don't use wooden based ones anymore and have started peeling them off - space is my problem but I have also found that if you cut up some of the big ones, they are great for texture etc.

 This is one of the Dylusion sets - they are quirky and fun - hopefully they and the Gelli plates will be on the web soon and i think there are some other goodies as well including a big express bag from Jacinta all coated in some slimey liquid - apparently another parcel broke open and spilt over lots of innocent parcels - I shall bravely open it up in a minute and see how the insides are.
Here is Ian's assistant - she loves to help type and invariably turns the computer off as well....


Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Lovely new goodies, especially love the one at the top, scummy on of the Eiffel Tower, Harley looks comfortable as Ian's assistant, bit of a worry turning off the computer. My boy turn my printer on and off walking on the button.

Heather said...

Wonderful new goodies - I like the look of those stamps.
Harley has made herself very much at home! Our cat used to help me with typing but it invariably turned out looking more like Polish than English.
Hope the parcel contents were safe from whatever got spilt on them.


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