Sunday, February 05, 2012

a little gelli play

It's been a lovely day today although we have been inside working. I got all the POMs (product of the month) packed to post tomorrow, Ian finished the newsletter and we sent that out and then I thought I would play with the gelli plates. If you are curious and haven't seen them there is a good how to video on the site. I have been playing with the small one today and using Tissutex - I am working on an article for Down Under Textiles #8 and also concentrating on my Marrakesh theme so the colours and patterns reflect that.

 Here is the gelli plate - I put it on glad bake on my marble top
some of my stuff - stencil, moulding mat, pots of acrylic paint, little plastic spoons collected on Qantas over the years. you don't need to use much paint at all and acrylic is good - it washes off easily. in fact it is all a no mess situation. I dropped a few drops on the plate and used a brayer to roll it out and did a bit of mark making on the surface - lay the tissutex over it and that was that.
 here is the plate where I have mark made with my hand stitched printing block - hand stitched on form-a-foam (softsculpt) because then I can print to stitch - something I enjoy doing

 These 4 photos above just show the layering effect on tissutex - and on some I have them sprayed overt he surface with Starburst Sprays - I am planning on bonding these to felt and stitching or popping them in my sketchbook for further mark making. So easy and my work area is all clean. I can't wait until the shipment arrives - not quite sure of the price as yet - they are very heavy for posting (shipping to us pretty high) but remember our postage is only $5 and if you spend over $110 it is free - you only pay more for express post (having said that - that's the only way I get stuff for myself because I always want it before it is sent and also it is able to be tracked). But Express post is not expensive either. I have had quite a few enquiries so if you are interested just email me because I think they are going to be pretty popular. Anything which is easy to use is a good thing.

Lots of people have been asking about Harley - I have just been looking for her to take a photo as she has been on our bed all day - but of course she has disappeared. There are secret Harley hidee holes everywhere here. She was  thoroughly spoilt while we were away and  expects to be fed any time during the night and is getting more and more brave about going outside. I really do want to come back as a cat in the Rollerson household.


Heather said...

Your Gelli prints are so lovely and full of possibilities.
Our neighbour's cat always went missing when they wanted to take it to the cattery for holidays or housemoves. Harley is just asserting herself by disappearing every now and then - she knows when she is on to a good thing!

Maggi said...

I love the effect that the Gelli prints create.

Roxanne said...

Gosh, this looks like so much fun. Gonna have to try it!

Julie said...

I have been trying to get a Gelli plate for ages and they are finally available in the UK so I am waiting for mine to arrive. You've built up some interesting texture layers, look forward to seeing more and to playing! I was interested to read that you stitch into soft-sculpt.

Judy said...


Some Magic looking art work there, think I'll go look at, haven't seen gelli stamps before. Nice to hear Harley survived your trip away, I too would like to come back as a cat in my household, our Harry is so spoilt he thinks he's human and head of the house.


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