Friday, July 01, 2011

Roses and Champagne

On Tuesday Ian and I had something to celebrate so he bought us roses and we drank the champagne. New stages - new happenings - always satisfying when you make a new big decision. 

This week I have been plodding through counting and sorting and reordering stock and things are almost back to normal - almost. I have also nearly completed my deadlines - just an article to finish today - I was working on Romeo water soluble last night and proved that it takes ages to dissolve when I put a very wet jar of paint on it and my wet hands - yikes! Lifted them off - wiped Romeo with a dry cloth and not even a hole.

The rain has been glorious - the birds and the garden very happy and ian has spent time up and down fromt he roof keeping the gutters clear of leaves - just in case. We love our trees so this is what you do.

Don't forget to pop over to Shelagh and my new blog
creative brain edges
today for the start of our challenge to each other - the fear of wondering if the other half will be better.... or worse..... it's a challenge to make us stretch our brains so it doesn't matter really...


Doreen G said...

Well ?????

Judy said...


Nothing so lovely as roses and champagne to celebrate anything at all. Love the new blog. So glad you are getting some rain, the birds love it so when they have not had it for a while, their sound make the garden come alive again.

Heather said...

Glad you have something to celebrate and the roses are gorgeous. Doesn't the garden smell lovely after rain? Sounds as if you might soon have 5mins. to put your feet up!


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