Tuesday, July 05, 2011

more this and that

Haven't got very far this week - have been busy workwise - people always want what you are out of and you have to package. All sorts of half of orders have arrived and I am waiting on lots of halves to appear. Very strange stuff and lots of parcels have not appeared as yet at all so I am sure the postie will have a heap tomorrow - lots of little things I am waiting for but I did get a box of more wonderful buttons to die for - just have to get Ian to hurry them onto the website. They are so gorgeous - a couple are Venice - love the one with the guards etc. Very talented lady. A good find I reckon.

Stitch magazine arrived today - we have sent out all the requested ones and there are a few left over if anyone is interested. This magazine is really rather good - I wasn't impressed when it first appeared but this issue in particular has some great design stuff in it. And the balance of Down under Textiles appeared as well so we have sent them all out to their new homes now with a few left over.

The newsletter has caused a bit of angst this round - for some unknown reason some people have not had a link to click on - please just email us and Ian will send you a real one. It isn't that I did anything different. I know plenty of people have received it though because we have sold out of one of the specials and the other is nearly done as well.

Off to work on my magic sample books tonight but first to watch the tour de France and see how they are getting on. Tomorrow Shelagh and I have a new 5 minute draw to do on our creative brain edges blog.


Judy said...

Oh! Dale, the buttons are to die for I'd love to buy them all so no one else could have them, but I won''t of course. My newsletter was ok but sound like i missed the specials, wasn't thinking quick enough.

Heather said...

Those buttons are so lovely and look great on the display tags. I think I would have to have one of each and just hang them on my wall to enjoy! I received the newsletter OK.


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