Monday, July 25, 2011

Teaching in Esperance

Here I am in Esperance out on my morning walk with - naturally - a pair of red shoes on. I could only take one pair because I needed the space in the suitcase for all my stuff. And of course when you are teaching you know that you wanted to show this and that but you can't and you wanted to use this and that but you can't - those things are back at home - always.

I had a lovely class for two days and fabulous lunches on both days - all that country caring.... We played with gummy silk strippings and rods, Starburst Sprays, paper napkins, metallic flakes, Kunin felt, Lutradur, Evolon, water soluble paper, Tissutex, nappy liners and whatever else we could manage. Fabulous work they did and I am sorry that I don't know who owned what - it was a rush at the end as it always is.

I gave them all the same napkin from my vast collection and it was really interesting to see the different results. Very talented and keen ladies who worked hard.  I really enjoyed the hands on teaching experience as I haven't for a while - it gave me lots of new ideas as well. I am open to invitations in 2012....

After class finished yesterday Julie took me for a drive around teh environs - I have only been to Esperance and that was a long time ago - we went to West Beach or beyond - I am not sure - and for a walk on the beach - the colour of the water was superb.

Finally - you might think this is a sunset but in fact it was 8.30am and the sun was up.


Heather said...

Those samples are fantastic and I can recognise some of the techniques from Ratty Tatty Papers, I think. Just looking at them is inspiring and makes me think 'how can I get an effect like that?' Sounds like a super workshop and a wonderful location. Love the shoes - pretty and comfy too.

Sandy said...

Wish I'd been there.

Teresa said...

Hey Dale, great samples...... you might be able to do a class or two when you're over here for the next TAF, perhaps ????
I was wondering if you wear red shoes because they make you go faster.....hehehe
cheers from sunny Brisbane

Judy said...


Love all the work and Esperance looks like a great plaCe.


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