Tuesday, July 26, 2011


West Beach in Esperance - loved the colour of the water

Margaret Olley died today - very sad - I know she was 88 but I love her work - one of my favourite artists not only because her studio always makes me feel very comfortable because it looks like an artist's studio should.

Busy as always today with Quilting Arts 52 arriving this afternoon - they will all be sent out tomorrow - I think there will be a few over if anyone extra wants one.

The Textile Art Festival in Brisbane has been cancelled and will not be run in 2012 - I think it was inevitable - I know lots of people enjoyed it very much and we certainly enjoyed seeing so many of our friends and customers - you were all very good to us - but as I said at the time, there were many things we were unhappy about. I believe there is a place for such an event and I hope someone else takes up the gauntlet.


Beth said...

Absolutely gorgeous! We lived on West Beach many years ago. I never got sick of the scenery and it was so changeable. Gardening though forget it, I am a passionate Horticulturist so found it very challenging! Bethx

Sesenarts said...

looking forward to the QA mag. But is so sad that Margaret has passed away. Such a brilliant artist, I loved her style and her studio. I agree, it was as a studio should be! Julie

Heather said...

That's a fantastic studio - it has obviously evolved over considerable time.
Is it time for another QA already - how this year is rushing along. I'd love to swim off that gorgeous beach but only if the water is warm enough and there aren't any sharks!!

Robin Mac said...

I have been very tardy with reading blogs this week - only justcatching up with yours. I have always loved Margaret Olley's work as well, and her studio is a joy to behold! Sad to hear about the Textile show - I hope you are seriously thinking about a workshop in Brisbane next year. Cheers


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